Monday, March 15, 2010

Je ne suis pas Sasha Fierce

I find the need to be honest and up front with you. I know that usually, when such a prefix is required, what most often follows cannot be considered even a far and distant limb of the Honest and Upfront family tree...but trust me, I gain no benefit from making this story up.

I used to be a lawyer. I used to be a lot of other things too (leader of a post-toddler union movement at kindergarten, Deans List pupil with honours in Hollandaise, Secretary of the World Rib Eye Steak Consumption Collective, self-proclaimed dictator of the fictitious nation state of Brie) but finance lawyer feels to me like something I should declare.

I hope that my now recent past does not stand between us...but I am long used to the glazed look which abducts people shortly following this revelation.

Done with all these pre-emptive apologies and preludes I can now get to the good stuff. My current summary form!