Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eggs & Co

I have no puns or witting word plays for the title of this post. Eggs & Co (previously Coco & Co) (11 rue Bernard Palissy, Paris 75006, 01 45 44 02 52, Reservations Advised, is exactly what is says on the sign. All about eggs and the company they chose to keep.

In her past life before entering the wtiness protection program - Eggs&Co (Coco & Co)

The bistro is set back off the busy streets of St Germain in an odd little service alley. But please keep walking when you think you have taken a wrong turn. You haven’t, it’s there. Eggs & Co feels a little like you’ve come to brunch (or lunch or dinner for that matter) in the perfectly converted mezzanine farmhouse loft of a stylish friend. Except for that stylish friend has a things for chickens (some of the artwork and decoration is a little much) and does not know anyone taller than 6 foot (the loft ceilings upstairs leave my tall male Australian friends partaking in an impromptu limbo challenge).

An egg for every weekend...

But I thank this stylish friend for their seriously delicious and absolutely comprehensive offerings from the world of eggs. You have Florentines, Benedicts, Norwegians, omelettes in every way you ever knew (or didn’t know) existed..oh, and burgers...but let’s get back to the eggs.

The servings are more than generous (in the best way, not an elastic waistband on the jeans kind of way) and the flavours are much more bold and fresh than I have found many Parisian brunch and breakfast options to be. The house omelette is a tasty cocoon of parmesan and crispy bacon served with a bitey and creamy chive sauce and salad. Please you should just order the Eggs Benedict rather than keep reading this. Abundant and saucy, herbs galore, rich and deeply tasty (which makes me happy as sometimes I’m left wanting a little more ouummf from classically delicious and simple breakfast dishes).

Eggs Benedict at Eggs & Co

I’m not so slowly working my way through the menu one egg at a time. This is the sort of place where each time I struggle to concoct a polite answer when my brunch/lunch/dinner date proposes that we share something rather than order our own. Their normal rationale may be because they are not so hungry, or are watching their weight, or we have reservations elsewhere in only a couple of hours. I don’t share like this and I sometimes question the basis of our friendship. A girl’s got to eat and especially when the food is as tasty as Eggs & Co turns out.

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